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Our team has been specially trained to omit nothing in the pursuit of justice for your case. We do the digging and the shoving to guarantee you an honest, assertive, dependable and fierce representation. While we can’t give a guarantee on the actual outcome of your case, we can give assurance that we will represent your interest with great zeal, just as we have always done for hundreds of past happy clients. Once you agree to work with us, and you have decided to proceed to trial, we will do the following-:

  1. Gather evidence – we will gather every piece of evidence we can use for your case. These include injury scene reports, photos taken at the site, medical reports, police reports, etc.
  2. Interview witnesses – if there were witnesses when you got injured, we will want to get a statement from them because this can help us evaluate who failed to keep their duty of care to you. Someone will always see or hear something.
  3. Consult with the experts – again, depending on the nature of the injury, we will get an expert opinion to help us understand better the nature and extent of the injury and if there was something that could have been done to prevent it.
  4. Negotiate – with your permission, we will make an attempt to try and solve the matter out of court if the concerned parties are willing to your terms of the agreement. In case we can’t reach an understanding with them, then the next course of action will be to proceed to the courts.
  5. Trial – If we won’t manage an out of court settlement, then we will get ready to face our opponents in court