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Indianapolis Injury Lawyers

Indianapolis Injury Lawyers is a top legal firm with the experience and expertise to offer a variety of legal services but specializes in injury-related cases. As legal professionals, we are of the strong opinion that if you are a victim of a no-fault accident, then you should be entitled to free and easy legal services. For this reason, we have devoted our careers to helping accident victims get commensurate compensation for all the pains and suffering they may have gone through after an accident.

About our lawyers

For us to have the reputation we currently enjoy in Indianapolis, we have invested a lot of resources in crafting an outstanding team of legal experts who will stop at nothing to see you get justice. Our team comprises of both young and old attorneys with a unique dedication to pursuing all the possible angles of your case so that those who are responsible for your predicament are brought to book and you get the settlement that you deserve.

The rich blend of our attorneys guarantees us the versatility we need to handle different types of personal injury cases. When you give us a call with a determination to get the ball rolling on your case, we will form a team of attorneys who are most experienced in dealing with cases like yours. This is how we manage to secure the very best settlements for our clients. And irrespective of your personal injury case, you can trust that our attorneys have the requisite experience and expertise to get it done. We are partners with many law firms, like Pittsburgh Injury Lawyers P.C. – Their website can be found here:

It will please you to know that we have over 90 years of cumulative experience in our team, and this is as best as it can get when you are in need of good representation. Whatever personal injury you may have, our team has dealt with such a case in the past and we will be glad to help you out.

A 3-step approach for better outcomes

Being one of the best personal injury attorneys in Indianapolis, we have a detailed process of how to handle every case that is brought to us. Here is a brief look at the approach we take with each client and each case-:

Listen to you

We start by listening to you so that we can have a detailed understanding of your case. You also ask questions to seek clarifications or clear the air on anything you might have not understood.

Case evaluation

With the information you have given, together with the facts of the case, we do a thorough evaluation of the merits and the demerits of your case. The reason for this is to weigh your case against the various legal provisions on injury cases so that we determine if the case can proceed to trial.

Present you with various options

upon evaluating your case, and weighing it against all the available legal provisions, we will then present you with carefully weighted legal provisions you can pursue. This is to help you know whether or not you have any chances, and what those chances are so that you are adequately informed on what you can expect moving forward.

What we do for our clients

Our team has been specially trained to omit nothing in the pursuit of justice for your case. We do the digging and the shoving to guarantee you an honest, assertive, dependable and fierce representation. While we can’t give a guarantee on the actual outcome of your case, we can give assurance that we will represent your interest with great zeal, just as we have always done for hundreds of past happy clients. Once you agree to work with us, and you have decided to proceed to trial, we will do the following-:

  1. Gather evidence – we will gather every piece of evidence we can use for your case. These include injury scene reports, photos taken at the site, medical reports, police reports, etc.
  2. Interview witnesses – if there were witnesses when you got injured, we will want to get a statement from them because this can help us evaluate who failed to keep their duty of care to you. Someone will always see or hear something.
  3. Consult with the experts – again, depending on the nature of the injury, we will get an expert opinion to help us understand better the nature and extent of the injury and if there was something that could have been done to prevent it.
  4. Negotiate – with your permission, we will make an attempt to try and solve the matter out of court if the concerned parties are willing to your terms of the agreement. In case we can’t reach an understanding with them, then the next course of action will be to proceed to the courts.
  5. Trial – If we won’t manage an out of court settlement, then we will get ready to face our opponents in court.

The types of claims we handle

As one of the leading personal injury lawyers in Indianapolis, we have the ability and resources to handle a wide variety of personal injury cases. They include, but not limited to-:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Medical negligence cases
  • Workplace injuries
  • Workers compensation
  • Asbestos claims
  • Back injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • And much more!

We are 100% no win no fees firm

Don’t let the thought of huge legal fees weigh you down after sustaining personal injuries of whatever nature. Every case we handle is on a no win no fee basis. What this means is that we won’t charge any fees unless we win and if we lose, then you have nothing to lose. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us because you are worried about the legal fees.

Let us handle the insurance company on your behalf

Insurance companies are always bullies. They will try to manipulate the system so that you can get the least compensation. However, we will be there to ensure that they don’t have their way. When alone, handling the insurance company is an uphill task, but with us by your side, they is no way they are going to intimidate you. Talk to us today and let us discuss the merits of your personal injury case.